Our Services


Experience next-level security with our tailored suite of services. From Remote Video Surveillance and Alarm Video Verification to Virtual Security Patrols, Remote Concierge Services, and Distant Gateway Access Control, we deliver innovative solutions for comprehensive safety.

Benefit from real-time monitoring, swift responses, and reinforced oversight to bolster your security measures. Step into a new age of security technology with us.

Remote Video Surveillance:

  • Real-time response to alerts triggered by various devices.
  • A proactive security solution, moving from a reactive approach.

Alarm Video Verification:

  • Enhanced response time for strengthened security measures.
  • A vital asset in organization protection.

Virtual Security Patrol:

  • Complete monitoring to detect any unwarranted activity.
  • Efficient surveillance for bolstered safety measures.

Remote Concierge Services:

  • Management of visitor arrivals through bidirectional video and audio.
  • Immediate assistance and visitor support.

Distant Gateway Access Control:

  • Full or partial control over the access system.
  • Remote portal opening for smooth access management.