The location of assets is an important piece of financial evidence and helps support court cases. An asset investigation can be necessary for many situations such as when a company goes bankrupt and assets need to be located in order to validate their claims. Our team is also qualified to locate individuals in the following situations:

  • If you are trying to reach her for a trial

  • If you wish to make a pursuit

  • If that person owes you money

  • If you are looking for a former tenant

  • And more

    Our team will provide you with a detailed and complete report of information on those whose address or source of income you wish to know. Using our confidential methods, we offer you various searches that will lead you to obtain address or employment screening. We have the necessary qualifications in the field of credit and asset research to build the financial profile of the individual or organization. You can count on our discretion and professionalism as we are a serious company. For more information on this service, you can contact us at