Shadowing is the action of following an individual to monitor his or her actions. Our organization is equipped with competent detectives with skills to collect evidence and facts that can confirm or deny your doubts. During these operations, we proceed with delicacy and discretion so that our experts can carry out their work in a complete and subtle way. It is possible to use shadowing to find a person or a company for a specific reason such as an inheritance or a collection.

If you have any doubts about reporting information such as CNESST records, we can assist you with our trouble-free shadowing service. We use a combination of traditional and modern methods to collect facts and evidence that are considerable in court. We make sure that we comply with all applicable laws and regulations in order to carry out our work since our priority is to provide you with a complete and reliable report, tailored to your requirements.

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Our investigation service conducts pre-employment surveys for employers to optimize recruitment. Choosing your staff wisely is an important step in the hiring process. We will use all necessary measures to conduct a background check on your potential employee. This check is crucial before entering into a long-term relationship with an individual. Being reasonably prompt in obtaining an informed picture of a potential employee through a thorough check is a fundamental step in making a well-informed decision. It can also give you the peace of mind of knowing that everyone in your company is reliable and trustworthy, considering that it can also help you avoid putting your organization's image at risk. For more information on this service, you can contact us at