There are different types of security guards for different areas to watch. For example, armed security guards for banks and unarmed mall security guards. It always depends on the authority and powers granted to the different types of security personnel that he has to guard.

Unarmed security guards

This is the most common type of security guard found in various facilities such as shopping malls, movie theaters, residential apartments, ATMs, and businesses with offices and museums. They are responsible for patrolling and monitoring CCTV footage.

Mobile guards

Mobile guards, as the name suggests, move around a facility to provide security. You will encounter mobile guards at airports and shopping malls. They look for security breaches and possible criminal activity.  

Armed guards

Armed guards are certified to carry weapons. This comes with greater responsibilities. An armed security guard must have extensive weapons training. They must also be well versed in the legal aspects and guidelines for carrying and using weapons.

Company guards

Offices and businesses employ security guards to prevent trespassing, loss or damage to property and other possible criminal activity. A corporate security officer is responsible for checking employee identification and maintaining a visitor log.


Bodyguards are responsible for protecting a person. Celebrities, politicians, prominent people and public figures are often protected by a group of bodyguards. The main task of bodyguards is to politely manage a crowd and provide physical protection to the person concerned