Security service providers across Canada have reported a significant increase in the number of companies requesting a diverse range of security services. One of the best ways to reduce physical and virtual security risks is to deploy proper access controls.

As one of Canada's most trusted security service providers, we would like to educate our local contractors on the importance of proper physical and virtual access controls.

What are the different types of access controls?

- Security guards

- Locks and keys

- Surveillance camera

- Biometric fingerprint and facial feature detectors

- Voice and face detectors

- Intercom systems

- Passwords

- Firewall

- Antivirus

Employee protection

A safe and secure work environment is absolutely essential if you are looking to retain your valued employees longer. Effective and well-implemented access controls, such as biometric verifications and automatic lockdown mechanisms in case of an invasion threat, are crucial.

Better control over building and computer access

Despite the deployment of preventive access controls, incidents do occur. Therefore, the next important thing is timely detection and isolation of responsibility. If access controls are implemented correctly, it will be easier to detect when a breach occurs and who is responsible.

Mitigates internal threats

A company's resources are not only susceptible to external threats, but also to threats from malicious employees. There are a variety of reasons why an employee might have a grudge against a company. For example, some people may have personal issues with their managers or be unhappy with recent promotions.

Therefore, access controls incorporate a zero-trust policy into its systems to protect the company from internal damage.