In the past, security guards could be said to be an exclusively male profession, but today more and more women are opting for the rewarding career of female security guard. What's more, many security companies recruit women, and there are even "all-female" security companies. 

Best for negotiating 

Often, when a female security officer is sent to deal with a potentially trying or difficult situation, especially when the men are the instigators, the result is far less aggressive. From experience, women, by their very nature, are naturally gifted at handling conflict, while having a negotiation resolution style that has a firm, calming influence.

Alternative approaches 

In many situations, particularly at large-scale events, a woman is often seen as having a different approach and tends to portray a different image to that of the stereotypical male security guard. As a result, what might at first be considered a risky situation often has the opposite effect when handled by a female security guard.

Access and possibilities

Female security guards have access to public areas reserved for women, including toilets and rest rooms. They also have the ability to search women attending events or undergoing other types of crowd control. It would have been very easy for any woman to hide drugs or other prohibited items, but this measure is likely to create a fear effect on physical searches.

Specialized jobs

There's no doubt that female security guards can bring a lot to any security company, so it's no surprise that we're starting to see a lot more companies embracing this and employing women in this role.