Security guards are trained with CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) first aid training to be equipped with a rescue protocol when an incident occurs. But, of all the practices they undergo, how important is first aid training?

If you hire a security guard, these valuable skills are necessary and should be part of their training.

Emergency medical assistance

A security guard's job is not limited to deterring criminal activity and behavior. They also serve as backup in the event of a crisis or emergency. Therefore, security guards must be trained in first aid.

Sometimes a security officer may be required to act as a medical professional while providing security officer services. Providing medical assistance without knowing the proper technique can put the victim at risk.

They must remain calm in the situation

The first thing every guard learns is how to respond logically and in control of a situation using a security patrol system.

Similarly, when a guard is trained in CPR and first aid, they learn to remain calm and patient in stressful situations. They provide physical safety and emotional support, allowing the victim to relax when they can only panic. This is one of the reasons why first responders are increasingly in demand.

Be the first responder

As they manage situations on the spot, each custodian should be able to do more than call 911 in the event of a medical emergency. If the custodian is trained in first aid, calling 911 should always be the first step. Then, they should act quickly to provide the necessary medical assistance to those injured or affected before an actual certified physician arrives.