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Radar Security is a company that specializes in security services for site surveillance and personal protection. We offer patrol and inspection services in addition to alarm response and camera surveillance.

Our Private Security Bureau (PSB) accredited professionals operate in the commercial, industrial, governmental and private sectors and are present during labour disputes, major works, special events or any other event requiring various guarding needs.

Our company also has a specialised investigation division offering tailing services, investigation services, infiltration or any other type of mandate related to the field of investigation.

Radar Security is in constant growth and has quickly woven its web throughout the province by ensuring a strong presence in the major urban centers of Quebec having established its head office in Blainville, in addition to having offices in Quebec City, Trois-Rivières and Sherbrooke. Our team is composed of honest and conscientious managers, experienced directors in global security and a team of competent and attentive agents.

Our dedicated customer service team ensures that we support and advise our customers throughout their experience with our security agency.