Corporate security teams are responsible for protecting their organizations from a variety of threats. These threats can come in the form of physical dangers in your office or the dangers of theft of digital company records. Here's a list of the biggest risks that enterprise security teams face:

1 Physical violence 

One of the biggest risks that corporate security teams face is the threat of physical violence. Either with an intruder breaking into the office or an employee becoming violent. As such, security teams need to have procedures in place that include having security guards on duty at all times and having an employee evacuation plan in place in case of an emergency.

2 Document theft 

To mitigate the risk of theft of assets or confidential documents that could put the business at risk, security teams must implement procedures to combat document theft. This may include a shredding system for sensitive documents or creating a secure storage area for important documents.

3 Identity theft

Many companies use access control systems that only work if everyone uses their own identification. However, if someone's identity is stolen, the thief can gain access to the headquarters. Security teams then put procedures in place to deal with stolen IDs that include an accurate identification system or require employees to report their identity as soon as it is lost.

4 Visitors not counted 

If a company does not have accurate knowledge of its visitors, it can be difficult to maintain a high level of physical security. Security teams can set up a system to deal with unaccounted for visitors. These procedures could include things like having a visitor log or requiring all visitors to be escorted by an employee.