The term "security guard" has changed and is increasingly associated with a real career field. Security personnel play an important role in many businesses and security guard training can provide a wide range of essential knowledge and skills. This training can help you develop several skills and communicate effectively with supervisors and the public. This career can lead to other areas such as investigation, risk assessment and even management in quite fulfilling ways.

Private security

In many cities across Canada, police budgets are shrinking. Yet the need for responders is increasing. This opens up many opportunities for security officers to take on private patrol jobs. When government institutions do not have adequate resources to provide protection, private security officers can step in to fill the gap.

Private investigators must also have the ability to manage conflict.

Security management

With a security guard license, a few years of experience in the security industry and additional management training, you could be well on your way to landing a management position in a security company. These types of positions often come with attractive salaries, great benefits and competitive packages.

VIP guards

Executives, celebrities and politicians often need security guards to keep them safe. Finding a job in this field isn't always easy, but with the right training, you could find yourself protecting a celebrity around the clock. Depending on your skills, you'll need experience in surveillance, hand-to-hand combat, negotiation, patrol, indoor/outdoor route planning and media management.