As a security officer at Radar Sécurité, every day brings its share of challenges, but the management of a suspicious package requires special vigilance. Here’s how I would approach the situation as your space security officer.

1. Recognizing suspicious signs

  • My attention is drawn to a parcel with inconsistent labelling and no clear sender information.
  • I noticed some tampered seals and handling marks.

2. Maintaining calm and insulation

  • The priority is to maintain calm. I make sure to report suspicious packages to my colleagues immediately.
  • I secure the area, moving people away and setting up a safety perimeter.

3. Fundamental principle. Do not touch 

  • My strict protocol: never touch the package. This minimizes potential safety risks for myself and others.
  • I encourage everyone to avoid physical contact with the parcel.

4. Immediate notification

  • I use our emergency communication procedures to report the suspicious package.
  • I immediately contact the relevant authorities and share all relevant information.

5. Evacuation coordination

  • I coordinate evacuation according to our established emergency plans.
  • The priority is to ensure that everyone leaves the area in an orderly and safe manner.

6. Experts' expectations

  • I'm waiting for the emergency services and explosives experts to arrive.
  • My role is to provide crucial information about the package and follow the instructions of the authorities.

7. Working with the authorities

  • Close collaboration with local law enforcement and security services is essential.
  • We take part in joint exercises to strengthen our coordination.

8. Employee awareness

  • As an agent, I encourage staff to be aware of the signs of suspicious packages.
  • We encourage an environment where any suspicious behavior is reported immediately.

Safety first 

Managing suspicious packages is a crucial aspect of our mission. We're committed to keeping your space safe. For reliable security solutions, contact us today.