Providing carefully tailored and supervised event security services for your summer season events is essential, whatever the context.

During the summer, events are numerous and crowds are dense, so having experienced, well-trained and professional security guards who can adapt to any situation will give you the assurance of safety and the best possible service at your business meetings, festivals, sporting events and musical events.

Event security guard selection

When planning events, there are many things to consider. Whether you opt for a single event security guard or a team of security guards, they need to be in excellent physical condition, have a logical, collaborative mindset and a pleasant demeanor; especially at more informal events, as this makes working with crowds easier.

Sporting and musical events

Sporting and musical events are also places where safety is essential. The safety of artists, athletes, spectators and property must all be taken into account.

This requires professional, experienced security personnel who can provide the necessary support.

Event security services with the latest technology for your event

Our security guards are equipped with the latest security equipment, and these features optimize the security procedure. Features such as real-time, GPS tracking systems and communication devices that will connect you with the security guard throughout the event increase the efficiency of the security service in a matter of seconds.

Thanks to these technologies, in particular GPS tracking, we can always track the position of our event security guards.