Today, nutrition is more vital than ever. Here's Part 2 of helpful nutrition tips for security guards and plans for healthy eating during your shifts

What to drink as a security guard?

Maintaining good hydration is crucial to staying alert on the job as a security guard. Water is the best choice, and you can add some flavor by infusing it with fruit or herbs like cucumber or mint. If you find yourself relying heavily on coffee, consider switching to herbal teas, which can provide an energy boost without affecting your concentration and help you avoid those "crashes" on the night shift or overnight shift. Some herbal teas, such as those containing ginseng, contain natural stimulants that can help improve alertness.

Remember to eat properly and drink adequate amounts of hydrating fluids. It is essential to establish a routine for yourself so that you do not miss meals and always have adequate amounts of fluids available.  

Some benefits of eating healthy 

Increase productivity and focus

Improved atmosphere for better customer service

Decreased mood disorders and mental health tendencies (such as anxiety and depression)

Improved cognitive function and situational awareness

Reduced fatigue levels

Better reflexes and reaction time

Better overall health and sense of well-being

While we all work in dynamic, high-demand environments, being prepared for your job and staying healthy is what sets you apart from others. 

It may not always be the most exciting choice, but paying attention to your caloric intake is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy diet as a safety professional.