If you work in a company, the protection of your employees who work in small isolated teams has become a non-negotiable option for the safety of their environment. 

By locating security guards on site, you can ensure the safety of your isolated workers by having an indication of their precise location.

Security companies and other employers relied on paper reports and radio recordings to find out which shifts had already been worked.

Today, having a secure presence for your lone workers means you always know where your employees are, and make sure they're safe. 

Reduced teams: a new standard?

A new trend is emerging with employees working in smaller shifts in industrial, healthcare or on-call positions at night, and delivery drivers are at increased risk from being on their own. It could be a medical emergency, or an injury on the job. If there is no one nearby to provide immediate assistance or call for help, the presence of security guards becomes necessary.

Why is lone worker safety important?

Isolated worker safety is important because it enables employees to do their jobs with confidence. They can take comfort in knowing that help is available in the event of a problem. Security guards, with the help of certain equipment, can quickly alert the authorities in the event of fire, or call for emergency medical intervention.

Lone worker safety should be a priority for you, as it is the employer's responsibility to protect your short-shift employees from risk. Take responsibility for ensuring that your employees are protected during their shift by providing adequate measures to protect them.