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Are you a security agent who is alert, vigilant, and possesses a strong sense of judgment? Can you maintain your composure during crisis situations and prioritize responsibility?

You might be the rare gem we're looking for!

Radar Security is hiring 2 officers (Class B - 1 day, 1 evening) and 1 Lieutenant for a position in Laval.

  • Day shift;
  • Evening shift;
  • Full-time;
  • Monday to Friday (full-time).
  • Wednesday to Sunday (full-time).
  • Salary: $23.49 (including bonuses P1, P4, P8, and P12).
Officers' Tasks:
  • Ensure the integrity of security agents in accordance with procedures for achieving common goals;
  • Foster harmony and collaboration within the team and with various partners on sites (Société de transport de Laval, Réseau de transport métropolitain (exo), Managers, Concession, Ticketing, etc.);
  • Ensure that the mission and values of the ORDER GIVER organization are effectively communicated from leaders to the operational chain on the ground;
  • Act as a resource between field agents and ORDER GIVER managers;
  • Provide operational supervision 24/7 (including replacements at all 3 sites);
  • Address demands of the ORDER GIVER, Contract Manager of the AWARDEE, and supervise the ORDER GIVER;
  • Mentor and coach senior agents and field agents according to directives, procedures, and methods provided by both the ORDER GIVER and the security agency;
  • Create schedules and ensure their posting on all supervised sites two weeks in advance;
  • Be present at major sites daily, minimally between 06:00 and 20:00 (on alternating daily or weekly basis, as needed);
  • Faire la tournée des sites sous leur supervision une fois par jour, minimum;
  • Conduct site tours under their supervision at least once daily;
  • Collect event reports for compilation in Montmorency;
  • Verify event reports before sending them to the manager;
  • Manage all security agent needs;
  • Periodically evaluate agents in the field for operational compliance;
  • Conduct interviews with candidates and make selections;
  • File various documents for all sites;
  • Enforce discipline across all sites under their supervision;
  • Complete payroll for each employee.
Lieutenant's Tasks:
  • Patrol all three sites;
  • Monitor training and procedures;
  • Assist in interventions;
  • Handle agent requests;
  • Participate in ARTM events, Place Bell, firefighters, and others;
  • Fill in for occasional absences and ensure an agent is called for replacement;
  • Enforce discipline for agent misconduct;
  • Cover vacation replacements;
  • Conduct follow-ups with agents and meetings.
  • Valid regular BSP license;
  • High school diploma or equivalent;
  • Valid first aid card (CNESST 16H);
  • Mandatory customer service certificate (P12);
  • Mandatory force usage certificate (P8);
  • Mandatory fire fighting certificate, including WHMIS (P1);
  • Minimum 1 year of experience in the security field and/or a college/professional diploma in private security (minimum 240 hours) or police technique;
  • Good physical fitness for the role, including security rounds on sites (approximately 5km/day) and the ability to run in emergency situations;
  • Excellent physical and mental health;
  • Fluent in spoken and written French;
  • Functional knowledge of English;
  • Able to work under pressure, especially in emergency situations such as evacuations, injured persons, etc.;
  • Good computer knowledge and comfortable with Windows environment and Microsoft Office suite.