Are you a security agent who is alert and vigilant in your work, who has a strong sense of judgment, who knows how to keep your cool in a crisis, who is disciplined, and whose priority is responsibility?

You might be the rare gem we're looking for!

Radar Security is seeking multiple agents for a position in Laval.

  • Day shift;
  • Evening shift;
  • Night Shift
  • Full-time;
  • Part-time;
  • Monday to Friday (full-time);
  • Weekends (part-time).
  • $23.24 (including bonuses P1, P4, P8, and P12) plus night bonus (P11) if applicable.
Regular Agent Tasks:
  • Carry out interventions;
  • Site surveillance;
  • Security rounds;
  • Customer intervention;
  • Access management;
  • Implementation of fire safety plans and emergency measures;
  • First aid.
Senior Agent Tasks:
  • Act as the eyes and ears of the site officer during their absence;
  • Supervise field operations in the officer's absence;
  • (Events), rotations of breaks and positions, overall integrity of agents, handling heavier customer service cases, etc.);
  • Meet the demands of the ORDER GIVER;
  • Document messages from the ORDER GIVER, officers, and/or representatives, etc., in the "notebook";
  • Receive and train new site agents. Subsequently, provide verbal feedback to the officer to confirm candidate selection criteria;
  • Assist with last-minute schedule issues during their shifts.
  • Valid regular BSP license;
  • High school diploma or equivalent;
  • Valid first aid card (CNESST 16H);
  • Mandatory customer service certificate (P12);
  • Mandatory force usage certificate (P8);
  • Mandatory fire fighting certificate, including WHMIS (P1);
  • Minimum 1 year of experience in the security field and/or a college/professional diploma in private security (minimum 240 hours) or police technique;
  • Good physical fitness for the role, including security rounds on sites (approximately 5km/day) and the ability to run in emergency situations;
  • Excellent physical and mental health;
  • Fluent in spoken and written French;
  • Functional knowledge of English;
  • Able to work under pressure, especially in emergency situations such as evacuations, injured persons, etc.;
  • Good computer knowledge and comfortable with Windows environment and Microsoft Office suite.