Surveillance, prevention and action are the identity of Radar Security. The agency ensures the execution of its mandates with a concern for excellence while maintaining a stable environment, thus protecting the lives and property of its clients.

In a world of rapidly polarizing ideologies, violence, mischief and terrorism are becoming major concerns. Radar Security 's unique contribution allows its clients to maintain their business operations and to speak freely.


Our excellence: We establish and maintain rigorous quality standards with the implementation of operational procedures and we have a technological system that meets the requirements and standards of the corporate and governmental market.

Our listening skills: Observation and listening are essential qualities of both security and administrative staff. We encourage ongoing communication with our clients in order to respond appropriately to their needs.

Our resources: We strive to position our resources on regular schedules and adapted to their availability. In this way, we promote the stability of our resources at our clients' sites.

We offer assignments covering different shift periods 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Assignments vary from days, evenings, nights, weekdays and weekends, offering the opportunity for flexible, stable schedules with regular shifts, on-call or part-time assignments, as well as contractual assignments.